What's this about?

Kids do not want to be contained—they are built for adventure.

As a culture, we are wildly protective of our little ones, often to the point of protecting them from happy accidents and mistakes they might learn from. “Young Explorers” is a series of short films about what happens when you allow kids who are very young—who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own.

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Who is behind this?

Jacob Krupnick is a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, and the founder of Wild Combination. His personal work incorporates movement and storytelling in public space. He's the director of film Girl Walk // All Day, a feature-length dance film shot in the streets of New York.

Taylor Antisdel is the lead camera operator on most the films thus far.


We're eager to find a way to bring the project to other places, and document the explorations of kids around the world. Have any ideas? Want to talk about partnership? Cool: hit us up.

Contact us

Send questions + inquiries to jacob *at* wildcombination.com